Happy Earth Day!

Hey guys and Happy Earth Day! Now, as most of you will know, Google updates it’s logo daily and the picture/gif is always about some event that happens on that day. Today’s is especially cool- a very sweet animation with a very important message. Make sure you check that out and here are some basic tips everyone should follow and make a habit of in order to make our earth just that little bit happier, and better!

Earth Day Tips:

 #1: Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room.

#2: Plant a tree.

#3: Try using public transport, carpooling or cycling/walking as and when possible.

#4: Going vegetarian every now and then and buying locally sourced food can help reduce emissions and waste.

#5: Go paperless.

#6: Adopt a thrifty approach to shopping.

#7: Use reusable shopping bags.

#8: Instead of buying a new bottle of water every day, just re-use the same for the week by refilling it with tap water instead. That’s 306 bottles you’ll save every year(assuming you drink 1 bottle of water every day!)

#9: Don’t leave things to charge overnight. Not only is this bad for the device’s battery, but it wastes up to 6/7 hours of electricity.

#10: Invest in solar panels at your work place or house.

#11: Raise awareness in your community/family/ workplace.

Some of you guys might be looking at this list and thinking, “I can’t do that” or “It’s not very practical”. Just remember you don’t have to follow every single one every single day; just do whatever you can. If you put in that extra little effort, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can achieve!


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