Same old routine!

Late Sunday afternoons. Hated by all, because it reminds them of what’s yet to come- this, obviously is the week ahead, especially Monday morning. There’s something about Mondays that we all hate- and I think I may know why we hate this part of the week the most. 

Basically, once you’ve started the routine, it’s easy(well…Easier)to get into it and finish the week. Because we’re used to going to school/work for weeks,months and years, we fall into the habit and just get on with it. That’s why we hate the start of the week so much; we subconsciously know that we won’t be able to get out of the week’s horrors. 

Another example of this: I returned from half-term last week; after the first day, it felt like we’d never been off at all. And it was honestly just annoying- the whole break felt like it never happened and that we’d always just been going to school as normal. The classes just carried on as normal, and there was absolutely no difference in my routine. And the same thing will happen again tomorrow, the weekend would’ve never existed and my school habits would carry on as normal😡

P.S- I don’t really know why I wrote this, I just needed to vent a little bit( Feel much better now)


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