Guest Blog- Anna

Hey guys! Since this is the last day of school for me, I’m going to give you a very special gift, thanks to my friend Anna. So here it goes…


Hi guys! Great to be doing a guest blog for one of my best friends! I spent quite a while thinking about what to write about, but after a while, I came up with this! Hope you enjoy it!

Carefully taking a step through the dark, mysterious forest, the frosty winter leaves crunched under my feet. As my heart pounded, I made my way to the ancient, drained tree trunk. Turning my flashlight on, I slowly looked around the trunk to see if my bracelet was still there – but something else caught hold of my eyesight, a shiny, pocket-sized object glinting in the light. Taking a closer look, I could make out what the object was – a necklace. A charming, delicate necklace that was coloured with light-blues, rose-golds and lilacs. I picked it up, shivering with wonder and admiration, and a swarm of butterflies flew through me, lifting every hair down my neck and sending a soft tickle down my spine. The beautiful necklace had a detailed and elegant essence.
All of a sudden, I could hear some leaves rustling in the distance. I looked round to see a light blinding me, and acting quickly, I hid behind the tree trunk, piercing my wrist as I did so.
I could hear voices now – deep, frightening voices that echoed further into the forest.
“It should be here somewhere,”

“We can’t lose it! That costs a lot – we could be millionaires with that!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find it,”

“No, you will. You lost it, you find it – I’ll be in the jeep if you need me,”

“Wha- You can’t just-!”

I looked down at what was in my grubby, greasy hand, and I realised that I was holding something dangerous…

Anna xxx


Ooh, that was suspenseful. Maybe she’ll be back again to continue the story…In the meanwhile, comment down below to let Anna know how amazing she is and also check out her blog: Annabananame. Bye and see you soon!


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