Guest Blog- Hattie

Hi everyone! Ok, so if you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ll be having some guest bloggers to amaze you over the next few weeks. If you don’t:

– a) WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!

-b) Check that post out NOW- It’s called “Exciting Announcement”

Read it? Good. Now let’s proceed.

Okay this first blog is from one of my closest friends, Hattie. It’s a short passage from a story. Ok enough ranting from me, let’s get to it:


The moon was at its brightest as it lit up the night. Silhouettes of the trees framed the stars glistening in the sky. No one was awake! I waited till not a sound was to be heard.

I crept out into the cool breeze of the air. The leaves crackled under my feet as I walked closer to the woods. “Shadow, come out” I whispered into the night and out crawled a little dog tied with a silk ribbon onto a large oak tree.” I’m sorry” I whispered “mum won’t let me keep you but there’s a place for you in the corner of my room” .I untied the ribbon and picked up Shadow and cuddled  her in my arms.Frost started to apear so I quickly ran into the warmth of my home. I tucked Shadow into bed and she lay her warm soft face against my chest as we both drifted of into another world .


Wasn’t that amazing? I think she deserves a huge well done(whoop whoop) (*claps till my hands start bleeding*). Let Hattie know in the comments what an amazing job she’s done and tune in soon for another amazing guest blog! Bye!


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