Secret Santa 

15 sleeps to go! Since there is still about 2 weeks till Christmas, there’s just enough time to throw together a Secret Santa group and buy a little something extra before the last-minute shopping rush. Here’s how to have the perfect Secret Santa:

1) Choose a group: First, pick everyone you want in the group. It’s a good idea to check with people before putting them on your list as some people have many secret santas and it doesn’t always accommodate their budgets.

2) Write the names and toss them into a hat: In larger, more generic groups it is often a good idea to get the participants to write something about themselves so if people don’t know each other that well, they can still give a good present. In smaller groups, just names will suffice.

3) Set a price limit: This is a great idea as it stops people from either cheaping out or overachieving with their gifts. For kids/teens, no higher than £5 and for adults no higher than £10. These can vary depending upon the group but those are some good guidelines to go by.

4) Pick a present: Avoid leaving it last minute and don’t be afraid to get creative! Check out some DIY websites or things like Pinterest  for inspiration!

And that’s all! Call some mates, get organised and go shopping! Bonus: The more groups you are in, the more presents for Christmas Day. That is, if you can wait🎄🎅🏼!!!


3 thoughts on “Secret Santa 

    1. Hi! I’m glad you love the blog! In answer to your question, no it doesn’t take a huge amount of work. Once the initial set-up is done( about an hour or so) all you need to worry about is posting often enough.This depends on how often you write, how long it takes you etc. As for ideas and suggestions for new bloggers, I will be doing a post on that very soon, so keep an eye out!


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