Exciting Announcement!!!

Hi everyone! Now I know I haven’t posted anything in AGES but I have an explanation. Last night, I wrote a blog and just now I came on all ready to give you guys something to read. But when I logged in, my work had been deleted(shock horror die)!!! So after I got over my initial shock and anger, I decide to put one of my ‘plans’ in action.

Now, as my friends will tell you, my plans are extremely wacky and dangerous but I happen to disagree. I especially think you’ll like this one: so, drumroll please(* imagines drumroll in head*) I will be having some guest bloggers on my site! Now, since I’m not rich and famous YET (wink wink) I won’t be having celebs or anyone remotely famous on here. It’ll just be my boring, ordinary friends and classmates😐😶.

Just kidding!!! They may not be celebs, but they are all extra-ordinary people and writers who are sure to blow your mind with their amazing work! So over the next few weeks, I am going to trial run-this and see how it goes. If all goes well, this could become a regular thing!

The people I am going to ask to write for me are all amazing, and I’m not just asking them because they’re my friends. They’re all people who have a interesting take on life, people who have something real to say, something real to express. You’ll be hearing about a lot of different topics that I normally don’t look into, and it should be an interesting journey! Hey, who knows, maybe there’ll be someone who’s even crazier than I am. (I doubt it, but you know, Life’s full of possibilities😇)

P.S- I just realised a wrote a whole blog post instead of the tiny paragraph I planned on! Maybe my work should be deleted more often….


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