Recently I just finished end of year exams at my school. It was a stressful couple of weeks and my friends and I delved into the crazy, never-ending world of revision.

We have now started the process of getting results back and on average it seems like the hard work paid off. But it got me thinking, what do we find so stressful about exams? Here are some of my theories; comment down below and let me know yours!

  1. Peer pressure- having to get your results in class and everyone wanting to know how you did: this is honestly so awful. And the worst feeling ever is that hopeful expression parents wear when they ask how you did- especially if it wasn’t your best grade.
  2. They aren’t the best gauge of skills- There’s  no one in this world who hasn’t had an off day during exams. Yet, they’re still the final decision in deciding your grade. Unfair much?

3.  Exhaustion- Whether you’re the student or the teacher exams are exhausting!     Studying, marking, revising and grading- all horrible!!


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