Recently I’ve just had enrichment week in school where we did slightly different activities than usual and they were all themed around creativity. I personally am a big fan of being creative and I think it’s really important everyone is in some or the other form as it helps you express yourself and it’s also very soothing. Below I’m going to describe some of the infinite ways to be creative!

Music- Whether it’s just practicing scales, playing your favourite piece or just banging about on an instrument, music is something everyone can enjoy. Any genre,style or form- anyone can find it entertaining and have fun with it.

Art (Drawing/Painting) – This is perhaps the most free, unrestricted type of creativity. Whether you’re scribbling patterns or making a detailed scenery, again, anyone can do it.

Writing-  This probably takes a little more effort than the others but is just as productive. You can write stories, poems or even a blog(like me) !

Vlogging- YouTube channels are a great place to start. If you find writing everything down too much hard work, or difficult, then just talk your feelings out!

These are just some of the millions of ways to be creative. Everything you do doesn’t have to be made public, but it’s important you express yourself and your feelings. Keep creating!


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