Hey guys,

This is a extra special blog to one of my closest friends, Corinne, who is unfortunately leaving us and going back to America. Today was her last day at school, and as well as some chocolates, this is my going-away present for her. Hope you like it, Corinne!

So, let me give you some background.Corinne came over California,U.S and joined our school after she had to move here for 6 months due to her parents’ jobs. I joined the school two weeks later, after transferring from my previous secondary. On my second day there, we had a form trip, and that is where I met Corinne. We instantly clicked and have been close friends since then.

 Ask teachers, classmates, family; anyone will tell you she is a great person to be around, very charismatic and outgoing. She fit in brilliantly in a new country and new school and even managed to keep up with my madness! Thank you Corinne, for being an amazing friend, an awesome person, and I wish you all the best in the future! 

 P.S- Those chocolates were delicious!


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