Recently, I was discussing with some friends about adventures and exploring, and all we planned do in our ‘freedom years’ i.e. our early 20s. Now, I am a someone who wants to have as many experiences and memories as possible. I want to go from skydiving to white-water rafting and visit as many places as possible. I am also really ambitious, practically to the point of ridicule. But at the same time, I am very self-conscious and not always comfortable trying new things(on the inside anyways; outside I’m as cool as a cucumber- I like to think😎).

Now comfort to me is very important. I believe that if you’re not comfortable doing something, you won’t enjoy it.  But at the same time, life to me is all about trying new things, constantly exploring and pushing boundaries to what’s “normal.”

So I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s important to know your and other people’s boundaries and respect that. However don’t let that stop you from pushing yourself from your comfort zone and experimenting. Live life without regrets and stay crazy😍!


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