Change is constant. Inevitable. And to most people, frightening to some degree. I consider myself someone who has undergone a lot of change. I’ve attended more schools that most people do in a lifetime(and I’m just at the start of my secondary education) , I’ve changed houses,countries and even continents!

 And to be honest, it has gotten easier. I don’t think I realised the first major changes to happen to me because I was still at the stage where the whole world revolved around me, and as long as I had Mum,Dad  and my little brother the sun was always shining. I don’t think I was scared then at all, but I feel that’s because my feelings were somewhat ‘numbed'(like a baby’s) and my thinking was limited. I didn’t recognize the consequences and the concept of ’cause and effect’ had just started to settle in. As I moved on from this stage, my fear of change grew MASSIVELY and all of a sudden, the smallest differences had me in tears. Luckily I got over that quickly and I feel that I’m now at a point where I’ve accepted change and learnt to go with the flow. Sure, I still feel nervous and unsure at times, but now I know how to stop that feeling and move forwards. 

So, my message to you is: don’t be scared of change! It will happen any ways, and it’ll be a lot easier if you are ok with it. And remember, change is part of life. And life is what you make of it, so change can be as positive or as negative as you like!


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