Hi guys,

I’m writing this from school, during my lunch break and today I’m going to give you the low down on all my crazy friends who are surrounding me and one of them is currently reading this out aloud for the whole library to hear. I’m going to make up names for them but their personalities are completely and utterly true.

First up, “Coco”- my crazy happy-go-lucky friend who is complete weird in every way possible and is always doing the funniest, stupidest things to make us laugh and roll our eyes. Even now, she’s doing a weird dance to some theme song from a Barbie movie; like I said-crazy!!

Secondly we have “Bunny” who is pestering me to do her next so here goes nothing- she was perhaps the first proper friend I made here after moving schools. She is very passionate about what she wants and will do anything (I mean ANYTHING) to get it including fighting you. She is also the only person I know who genuinely enjoys Science lessons- a strange fact I felt like mentioning.

Next, we have “Whatever” who is my frenemie- basically we constantly argue about anything and everything. That’s it really. Nothing interesting about her you should know … just that we constantly argue.(I am so dead after I post this)

“Stress”- One of my closest friends who, like her name suggests, worries about everything. Tests, trips, P.E kits even lunch breaks!! Despite this, she’s a great friend and it’s always nice to be with her.

“Brains”- You know the one nerdy character who is sooooooooooooooo smart and gets every question  right and always has her hand up in class? Well, this is exactly “brains” apart from she doesn’t have the stereotypical glasses and braces and is just as sporty as brainy and doesn’t talk about boring , confusing things. Most of the time, anyways!

“Sporty”- This girl is unbelievably amazing at sport. You name it, and she’s good at it. She plays for the county in some sports and I have no doubt that in a few years time, will be an Olympic champion recognised worldwide. Also, she loves doing dares and will accept any challenge thrown at her.

These are just some of my best buds- more later!


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