Travel Tips

Hi everyone! First of all, I am soooooooo sorry that I haven’t posted anything in so long😞. I have been crazy busy, but now it’s the summer holidays(whoop whoop) I will hopefully be posting more frequently.

So, since it’s the longest, bestest holidays children have, I figured many people would be travelling. Now aside from the luxurious hotels and relaxing breaks, travelling is serious business. So being someone who has travelled a lot, here are some of my fav tips to make your holiday that little bit easier.

1) Travel light: Packing for trips is dreadful. Ask anyone! So many things to take, and so less space. Even if you are going away for 4/5 weeks, you don’t need tons of luggage! If you are visiting family, chances are that they have a working washing machine, so pack for about half the time you are going(or less).  If not, most hotels offer some sort of laundry service- check when booking. So, when you are next packing, think. Do you really need 6 pairs of shoes, 50 outfits, a toaster, a coffee machine and an iron?

2) Sleep: When you are travelling, the last thing you want is that you are so exhausted you don’t enjoy any of the amazing experiences. Also, lack of sleep can make you irritable and close-minded, which is especially bad if you are travelling with friends or family. So always catch up on sleep, and make sure you are refreshed for the next day.

3) Be open-minded: Travelling is all about gaining new experiences and having amazing adventures. This is only possible if you are ready to try new opportunities and not scared to ‘Live in the moment!’ Always say ‘Yes!’

4) Enjoy! : You’ve spent so much time, money and effort into planning your perfect holiday, so now enjoy it! Don’t stress over tiny details and make memories that will last a lifetime!


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