Milestone Birthdays

Hi everyone!

It’s nearly my birthday so I am currently linking everything to my special day, which made me think of the most important birthdays in a person’s lifetime. I know I feel as though every birthday is as important as the next, but some are just a tiny bit more special! (The ones below are just my opinion, they don’t follow any religion/ nationality)

1) 1st- It’s got be special! It’s the first one ever and will always be remembered by the parents as an amazing event!

2) 10th- Double digits! Ages later, the child is all grown up, and hitting double digits is the first signs of them growing up.

3) 13th- Not much longer, the ‘child’ becomes a teenager. Beware parents! Coming your way are arguments, tantrums and endless moodiness.

4) 16/18- If you live in America, then your “Sweet Sixteen” is a big deal. Everywhere else though, it’s 18th which marks a person becoming an adult after that storm of teenage hood is coming to an end.

5) 21/25- This is around the time people go to uni, get their first job,car and generally start to settle down a bit.

After that, all the ‘O’s are important, such as 30,40,50 and so on. Crossing a 100 is the next amazing thing, as if you do so, make your receive your postcard from Her Majesty  the Queen.

That’s it from me guys for today and I’ll see you very soon hopefully!


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