School Hacks

School life is hard enough as it is, so these little tips and tricks should make it easier. Most of them are pretty OBVIOUS!

1) Do your homework!! And by this, I don’t mean the night before or during your break time! Finish it as soon as possible after you get it, especially if you don’t have a weekend in between the next time it’s due.

2) Stay out of trouble! Sure, everyone wants to have fun with their friends, but school is not the time or place to do it. Focus on the lessons, pay attention, learn and you’ll stay out of detention.

3) Pack your bag the night before. This not only saves time in the morning but also forces you to go through your books and ensure you have completed your homework. Win-Win situation!

4) Wake up on time. You’ll need enough time to get dressed, have breakfast and generally make sure you’re ready for school. This usually takes people somewhere between 30-60 mins.

5) Try and enjoy school. I know you think I’m probably insane and delusional, but it’s possible! Take part in after school activities, make lots of friends and keep yourself busy. This will work and eventually you might even LIKE school. (Honestly.)

This post was inspired by cocololablog and AnnaBananame.




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