A Walk With Nature

It is all around us. We see it, but don’t observe it. We hear it, but don’t listen to it. We see it, but don’t experience it. This thing has been around for centuries. Sadly, we have never tried to understand its worth and importance. What is this? …… Nature! The sunset and the sunrise; the tunes of birds; their evening gatherings; the wind that sways the trees , and the the breeze which all the plants love so dearly, along with the calming river which soothes us so gently…

In today’s life, it’s pretty hectic and stressful. We are always annoyed and think that the best way to get rid of this is surfing on the Internet – especially the younger generation.

Instead, next time you’re stressed,take a break, and listen to the birds – not friends- tweeting, the wind blowing, the water gently lapping on the land and trees swaying. See the breath-taking sunrise and sunset. See the birds with their magnificent natural wings. See the plants, growing greener every day and the flowers smiling. See the waves and the gentle breeze and take a walk with nature to feel it’s true beauty !


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