Fire in Fire

I was rustling amongst my drawers looking for something when I suddenly found this story…I had written it quiet a while ago for a school assignment… see what you think of it…..

Let me tell you a simply petrifying story. Petrifying, but valiant. It happened more than a million years ago, in a place hopefully far, far away from you. The story went something like this…

The monstrous beast was taking short,raspy breaths; not only because of the smoke surrounding and suffocating him, but also because of un-idealistic location;a deep,gloomy cavern where the only light was a cluster of majestic,royal crystals which were shining with a deep glow.
Now,you might find yourself asking,” Why? Why would anybody be in a place where there’s smoke everywhere?”.

Well,one thing you deserve to know is that this creature was very much despised and disliked by the townspeople. It wasn’t necessarily his fault; just the myths and rumours that told many a tale
about dragons like him had led people into believing that he was horrible and heartless. The dragon longed to change this, and that’s why when Fire -unusual name,I know- saw smoke erupting from a cavern through the sky-eating forest trees, he determinedly dived downwards, hoping a villager was there that he could save. There was one indeed, a fair little maiden who was desperately screaming for help. And that’s how he found himself in the cavern of gloom,where our intrepid story started.

Meanwhile, the fire was spreading wildly and the beautiful,magical beast was getting more and more worried by the second; the maiden was unconscious,the boiling,lava-like fire was spreading rashly,and getting desperately out of control. He gave a cry of help and murmured to himself. Even though the task seemed to lie next to impossible,he continued to push the gigantic rock which blocked the one and only entrance…

Fire was flying over the forest, showing off a stunning array of leathery skin and rigid bone structure. As he flapped his wings, his beautiful shiny skin glowed in the sunlight. As they neared the town, yells and cries arose from down below; the townspeople were all yelling. Some were shouting,” Princess! Princess! ” whereas others yelled, ” Kill the dragon!”. Whilst an atmosphere of chaos and mayhem stirred down below, Fire was in a similar situation way above in the skies. First, he cautiously dropped the maiden before the royal castle before dropping down himself and meekly bowing before the rest of the royal family. After a long conversation between the royals, the dragon-Fire- was apologised to and worshipped and bestowed with gifts for the rest of his illustrious life.

Some of you soft-hearted readers might ask what happened to the maiden. Well, the answer was that the maiden was in fact me… Surprised, aren’t you? However, I can’t tell you anymore; what happened to me, and anything else, for that’s another story…


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